4 Ways Digital Marketing Will Transform in 2020 and How This Affects You as a Freelancer

We are already in the light of the drastic changes digital marketing has brought so far. With every passing year, digital marketing become more complex, expensive and competitive. The adoption of new technologies has broight about drastic changes in the digital marketing world.

In this article are some three cornerstones of digital marketing that are going to change in the next year with digital marketing.

  1. Changing SEO Outlook

With the current trend in SEO, you have probably seen the switch to voice search. It is estimated that 50% of all searches next year will be voice searches. The voice searches further won’t require web browsing with a device on a screen. You can check info. Concerning voice searches and how they are revolutionizing SEO.

This means that the conversions will be reduced drastically since most searches won’t be visiting your website. This creates space for you to utilize all traffic before the paradigm shift with voice searches.

  1. Complex Algorithm Updates

There has been limitations with ranking of sites with low quality content and duplicate content. These has been achieved throughout the years with updates. Prior to the complex algorithms, spam sites and links were not only penalized but devalued.

With the complex algorithm updates, it is going to become harder to bypass the normal setting standards. This will include checking metrics on time spent on your site compared to other ranked sites. In order to beat the system, you will need to understand users.

  1. The Fall of Blogging

As a freelancer, you will notice how sites are becoming saturated and so is the digital market. There would be ranking of sites based on the freshness of their content and how they impact users. With many blogs making their way to the market, the competition has increased. This makes it easier for search engines to rank the content for sites and backlinks. This will call for constant updating of content and page to maintain your ranking to know more about it.

  1. Total Focus on Search Engines and Fresh Content

The market is saturated with text-based content. With traditional SEO, it takes time for ranking of content. The next big thing for the digital market content will be audio and video. These form part of the less saturated forms of content needed in the digital world. Click here to find out more on SEO.

The advancement in technology is bound to set in the world of digital marketing and 2020 is set to be the year. You need to update your current efforts to conform with the new changes. Find out more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_marketing.

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